“I never got to have a room and now I do and it’s full of clouds and stars and I feel happy in my room. You make me very happy because it is like being in a dream with so many stars to look at when I go to sleep I think about the music that goes across the walls. I really like the box where I can put my toys. It has many stars and shooting stars.”


“We are VERY happy, VERY satisfied, and more, with the mural work done at PanAm Place. In my view, and I know it is shared by all, the Dream Room mural artistic work “completes” the room in terms of atmosphere, feel, even culture: your work has captured the essence of PanAm”

– Harry Black

“Emily just loves her room. Thank you so much. Emily didn’t spare anytime in celebrating her birthday in her new princess themed bedroom. We all dressed as princesses and had cake in her room. We can’t thank you enough.”

– Karen (4 year old Emily’s mom)

“Thank you so much for giving Ashton the room of his dreams with his hero Buzz Lightyear. I have never seen him this happy. He just sits there and looks up the mural of Buzz and stares for what seems like hours.”

– Ali (4 year old Ashton’s mom)

“I want to say that thanks to Ricky’s Room – I now have a room. I have a condition which makes it difficult and painful to walk and they made me a computer desk that I can use and I don’t have to get out of my chair. They made my room bigger and turned my closet into a theatre with a new flat screen TV. I have always wanted a bedroom I could feel was me. I love my room.”

– Sam

“In the winter of 2011, Ricky’s Room painted a dream room for juvenile female offenders at the Manitoba Youth Centre. The dream room was to be designated as a calming and soothing space for girls, many of who had experienced trauma in their lives. These are some of their comments:

  • “It gives me a special feeling.”
  • “It’s a place to get away.”
  • “I use it when I’m feeling on edge.”
  • “It’s calming.”
  • “It’s quiet and I focus on relaxing things.”

The room has been used for a variety of needs. It has been used as space for working on homework, for meditating, for reading, for playing cards, for napping and occasionally for sleeping. It is a place of comfort and reflection that serves a need that is now available for them.
When a girl enters the room for the first time, she is generally stunned and awed by the beauty of the painting and the profusion of color. They are surprised when they are told that it was created just for them. Many of the girls’ lives have been touched by violence and rejection. This room is a place that is peaceful and welcoming. Thank you.”

– Manitoba Youth Centre